AIRmini SSD by Dominar Tech refunding backers


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Dear Backer, we love you all.

We Thank you all for your love and support towards AIRmini and our Company Dominar Tech.

We understand your frustration about delivery time and dates. As we have stated before We haven’t received the funds from Indiegogo and it’s already very late. We were assumed to receive funds on the 4th of March. We have been continuously asking Indiegogo about the disbursement date but haven’t got any date.

We are making a big announcement.

Since we haven’t received the funds from Indiegogo yet. We do not want you to wait any longer and this hurts our company reputation as well.

We are refunding all the contributions to all the backers from Indiegogo.

From what we understand, Dominar Tech is refunding their backers because Indiegogo has been slow in releasing their funds. From our experience, Indiegogo releases the funds around two to four weeks after the campaign ends, though we have also heard that the waiting time has become longer in recent months.

This is supposedly to protect backers and prevent from scammers from running away with the money, but we have no official confirmation if this is the reason behind the delay.

What’s interesting here is that Dominar Tech is asking backers to make the purchase on their website instead. This raised a red flag immediately. The Dominar Tech website only allows payment via Shop Pay, Apple Pay, or credit card. You might get different options based on your browser, operating system, or location.

While the website is hosted by Shopify, I’m not too confident that backers would be protected by should the seller disappear with the money. Now, I want to trust the creator but they don’t provide enough information to let backers trust them.

Background check

We are unable to find any company or trademark registration for both Dominar Tech and AIRmini. This is despite their claim to be a US-based company. Founder Nitin’s LinkedIn page has only minimal information.

There is just a lack of any background information that makes it very difficult for us or any backers to trust the team behind this campaign. Unlike Kickstarter that shows the name of the creator, whose identity they have verified, Indiegogo does not reveal much in the creator profile.

It is worth nothing that several news media reported on AIRmini without even checking the background of this company, especially when they don’t include any company details in their press release.

We are trying to find out more and provide more updates if any further information comes up.

Thank you to @arnhemsejongens for the tip via Twitter.

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