AIPER Seagull 3000 cordless robot pool cleaner


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AIPER Seagull 3000 cordless robot pool cleaner


Introducing the AIPER Seagull 3000, a cordless robot pool cleaner unlike any other on the market. It’s powered by a unique floating battery station that travels above water as it cleans, supercharging the Seagull 3000 with an unrivaled 120W of power – more than any of its underwater battery competitors. With wall-climbing power and a 120 min runtime, it’s a cordless robotic pool cleaner built for the modern era.

The AIPER Seagull 3000 is the latest pool cleaner by Shenzhen Aiper Intelligent Co, Ltd. You can find the Seagull 1000 (USD 380) and the Seagull 600 (USD 280) on Amazon. Both products have a lot of good reviews and the company has the experience and expertise to deliver their latest design.

However, the Seagull 3000 is a big jump from its existing price points. It costs USD 799 during Kickstarter and will retail at USD 1,399. The retail price is not out of this world though. Its competitor DOLPHIN sells its high end model around USD 1,250 on Amazon. Other cleaning robots on Amazon cost around USD 700 so the price point seems reasonable enough.

If you have a pool, you know how annoying it is to have to clean the pool regularly. It might be cheaper to hire a cleaner to do it, but getting a robot cleaner is a one-time investment. As long as the product lasts for years, you would save a lot on pool cleaning in the long term.
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