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Maybe you have ridden a lot of E-bikes before, but trust me, Afreda S6 is so extraordinary that will bring you unprecedented riding experience beyond your imagination!

Inspired by world’s 1st reverse 3-wheel motorcycle– PIAGGIO MP3, Afreda S6 is one of the most convenient and safest folding 3-wheel E-bike. It’s powerful, portable, conspicuous, and stable to ride. Notably, it can be folded up and unfolded in 1 step for just 1 second! It has 2 riding modes which is perfect for any riders (Even kids and elderly can ride it safely) in any given situation (commute, family outings, and off-road).

The Afreda S6 claims to be the world’s first folding electric reverse tricycle. They probably haven’t heard of Mylo by PIM. Though I think they might have because the Afreda S6 looks almost exactly like the Mylo.

Turns out, the Afreda team claims that Mylo is designed by them too. How convenient not to mention that anywhere in the campaign page. If they truly think that Afreda is an upgrade over the Mylo and they happen to own both brands, then why don’t they mention Afreda on Mylo’s page to tell their existing customers about the amazing new product they have? Something doesn’t add up here.

Background check

The company’s website have no information about the company at all. We can’t find a related company that operates in Dover, United States as their Indiegogo campaign pages claims the creator is from.

Qibing Trading Limited owns the trademark of the brand Afreda. The company is based in Hong Kong, likely a subsidiary of a Chinese company. However, we are unable to determine which company is behind Qibing Trading Limited. The closest seems to be Shenzhen Qibing Co, Ltd that deals with consumer electronics. Other companies with Qibing operate in other industries.

We are pretty sure that this is a Chinese company behind the brand and campaign. They claim to have won the Golden-Thill Aword (sic) and this award is an innovative design competition held in China. We weren’t able to find the High Technology and the Creative Award 2018 that they claim to have won.

The Mylo brand is owned by Ride Mylo Inc, a company registered in Washington that also seems to run a cafe.

Takeshi profile

Hi, I’m Takeshi.

I’m a cyborg bear. You might think I go for techy stuff, but I do have an artistic side and appreciate good design.


2 responses to “Afreda S6 electric reverse tricycle”

  1. Jack Avatar

    It’s not so much that it’s a complete rip-off but more-so that it’s built on lies and deception by Chinese manufacturers who seem to have moved on from making counterfeit goods into the more legal market of appropriating designs that don’t seem to have been properly patented or maintained. Indiegogo acts as a front for these former counterfeiters, and will directly place you in contact with them so they can patent away your carelessness, and they do not have any shame about it.

    I’ve contacted them several times, and even though I’ve pointed out the several lies in the campaign, like the previous models that don’t exist, just like their fictitious awards and blatant lies about who has reported on them, as well as the dubious nature of the Chinese manufacturer behind the campaign. Indiegogo doesn’t care, except to keep their slice of the profits as long as these Chinese manufacturers end up profiting.

    The MYLO has been heavily counterfeited under many other brands, and there was a time you could even order your own personal rebrand under Alibaba. This latest attempt under Afreda just seems to be another rebrand that also seems intent on making enough minor modifications so that they can try to milk it as a new Indiegogo campaign, even if it is largely fictional.

    But the most jaw-dropping thing about it is that MYLO is completely ok with this, and Indiegogo has even seen to deleting their comments in the discussion section (along with anyone else’s who points out the stink of it all). Maybe MYLO just doesn’t want to lose their manufacturer, maybe they realize they lost their patents and don’t have much of a choice, or maybe they were also another white brand resaler from a product whose original design has now been lost in obfuscation. If Afreda is just a rebrand to attempt to get out of whatever deal the reformed counterfeiters and MYLO had, MYLO is going along with it, and the people from Afreda have tried to make it seem as if PIM Bycicles is just another resaler who is lying about their IP rights to the MYLO while MYLO just says they’ve come to an agreement with Afreda to sell both the MYLO and the Afreda S6 models, even though they were talking about making MYLO a global brand a few years earlier.

    1. Takeshi Avatar

      We also considered the possibility that MYLO licensed the design from the manufacturer. There is no way to know the real story unless someone is able to step forward and prove that they own the patent.

      Some of us Bears are based in China and we know that there is stronger legal protection compared to 5-10 years ago. This seems like a case of poor patent protection that could have been avoided. If the process is done properly from the start, the owner of the patent would be able to enforce it in China and prevent any factories from manufacturing it.

      Unfortunately, Kickstarter and Indiegogo indemnify themselves with the disclaimer that projects don’t necessary end up being fulfilled. We make products too. We are intimately aware of how difficult it is to bring a hardware product to life. However, there is a huge difference between scamming and running away with money, and genuinely being unable to manufacture a product due to engineering limitations.

      What we can do within our means is to try to educate backers about the importance of due diligence through our articles. And perhaps when more users question the platforms, they are able to implement more ways to better protect backers from scammers.

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